G7 Instant Coffee 2in1 – Boxes 15 sachets 16gr

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Trung Nguyen, Vietnam

2 years

G7 Instant Coffee 2in1 – Boxes 15 sachets 16gr Ingredients: Coffee, sugar. Net weight: 15 sachets x 16gr.

40,500 đ

40,500 đ

G7 Instant Coffee 2in1 – Boxes 15 sachets 16gr

Using the choicest coffee beans from Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam’s legendary basaltic region, G7 Instant Coffee 2in1 has a unique delightful aroma and exceptionally superior coffee taste.

G7 Instant Coffee 2in1 contains coffee and sugar, giving a strong and distinct coffee taste without cream. 

Product  G7 Instant Coffee 2in1 
SKU  TN007
Brand Trung Nguyen
Packing  24 Boxes/Carton
Net weight  15 sachets x 16gr
Size  130*70*110 mm
Exp. Date  2 years
Country Orgin  Vienam
Quality Quality of product according to Vietnam Standard TCVN: Moisture ≤ 5%, Caffeine concentrations ≥ 0.25 %
User Guide G7 Coffee 3in1 is preferably in cool; Let the coffee cool before adding ice; See the guidance on package to get the best cup of coffee.

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